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Fascination is not a matter of quantity. Just one special element can transform a whole room. So, why shouldn’t a kitchen be given lounge status? Magnificent. Gorgeous. Open to everyone and everything.

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Sometimes, 24 hours aren’t enough. Because there’s simply too much to discover. Although we have never actually arrived at this “too much”.
And if the whole town is our playground, our NEO kitchen is our anchorage. Where we recharge our batteries. Make plans. Develop ideas. Because it is us who shape life in town. Every day anew.

Living the unlimited

Where does art begin? And where does it end?  The questions is just hard to answer as defining the boundaries between classic and avant-garde, between living at home and communicating, between space and time 

Nature and warm

There is where there's room to take deep breath. Relax indulge. NEO kitchen harmoniously puts personal attitude to life in nutshell

Stylish and creative  

NEO is a type of jewel - unique, aesthetic appealing to all the senses

Divers and creative

This is where there are undiscovered design gems in backyards - a crucible that brings forth something new every day. For your life there is one thing you need most, creative freedom. Just like in your NEO kitchen 

Made is Germany

Made of quality valued by customers around the world

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