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Dedicated to providing high quality creative  solutions to your project.

Our Brands

Kitchen Systems

Residential kitchen

Exceptional quality, reliability and continuity. Sophisticated materials technology and innovative designs

Commercial kitchen

Highest quality F&B concepts for the leading professional in hotels and restaurants

Electrical Appliances

Premium cooking technology in multifunctional appliances. Small appliances providing intelligent appealing solutions to make life a bit easier every day.

Outdoor, Heating & Lighting

Outdoor furniture 

Each item of furniture from fiber to final product is an expression of obsession with creating the best


Efficient solution for hot water, room heating air conditioning and renewable (heat pumps and ventilation)


The result of an inspiration from observing diverse discipline 



Bathroom furniture, bathtubs, showers,  and bathroom accessories manufactured with the most resistant materials 


Professional and advanced sanitary fittings which make the use of water easy and sustainable. With high quality, modern and easy-to-use products we help our customer to live more and enjoy the use of water to the fullest

Fittings & Drains

Backwater protection · Hybrid lifting stations · Pump technology · Drain technology · Separators 

Mosaic & Tiles

Tailor-made mosaics created out of any image source (picture, drawing, digital file)

Food & Beverage

Professional cookware

High quality stainless steel tableware for professional gastronomy and other areas


"Thar art of service". The art is to combine tradition and modernity the timeless and the contemporary


From handmade to for all opportunities and appeals to the sense

Spa, Deco & Accessories


Result driven products based on the highest quality botanical ingredients and aromatherapy


Unconventional, authentic, and innovative. They reflect the zeitgeist and combine good design with high quality.


Professional bedding, bath, table  linen and accessories for hotels and restaurants


We provide high quality sauna experiences, with traditional sauna, steam bath and infrared warmth

Surfaces & Flooring


Combined the best thar nature can offer us with the very latest technologies made possibly by science


The materials ensure that the product are not only high performance but environmentally friendly as well

Decking & wood care 

Always try to go that mile ahead of future restrictions to offer you the safest and greenest protection for your surface at all times.  Wood, WPC decking. Selected planks, deck tiles and preassembled tiles in exotic wood, heat-treated Ash Wood


 SYP and treated timber, dimension boards, pine plywood of all grades, treated plywood, particle boards…

Design & Installation service

Free design service

You know what you like. We know the trend. Let our experts help you find your style - from that perfect statement piece to a full redesign.


Our trained experts will do the installation of the product whether it is to be kitchen equipment, surface or assembling of furniture 

After sales service

We provide trouble shooting, repair and maintenance of our products