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Reinventing the kitchen to make it the heart of the home


The kitchen is no longer an afterthought in the home. it is now an important space that can integrate with the living-dining room and share the same design.

In this so-called “reconversion” process, the island plays a major role, as it serves as a connecting element between the two environments as well as a meeting place in the home. In this project, the interior designer built the entire design around the island.

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Why are Cosentino materials perfect for kitchens?


Cosentino materials have properties that make their performance in the kitchen excellent: their high resistance to stains or scratches make Silestone and Dekton the ideal choice for millions of families to be part of their kitchen design.

One of the main advantages of Silestone and Dekton is that they have a wide range of colors that, together with their large format, allows us to create an unmatched visual continuity for our designs and adapt to any style. Countertops, fronts, cladding or floors, all in a single material, which minimizes joints and simplifies daily maintenance.

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