Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is a such a personal room in your home; it’s where you chat with your friends, where people gather to prepare dinner, at parties, or just to spend time together

Your countertop is on view for all your guests to see;
so what do you want it to say about you?

Thousands of households all over the world have trusted Cosentino to provide them with a kitchen that is not only functional and beautiful, but also plays a key role in the daily lives of their families.

We offer a wide range of colors and textures, so you’re sure to find your perfect countertop.

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Countertop  Cladding​ 

Your countertop cladding is one of the visual centerpieces of your kitchen, and so is a key area that needs special attention. It will be continuously subjected to splatters, high temperatures, grease, etc. You need a resilient and hygienic material to make your life easier.

We adapt to the way you use your kitchen and to both the style of your house and your personal style; whichever model and series you choose, you’ll find the kitchen of your dreams at Cosentino.

Kitchen claddings

Fashions in the world of kitchen design come and go: in recent years we’ve seen numerous trends including tiling, stones, quartz facades, and retro inspiration

What doesn’t change is the need for a versatile material, which is both tough and stain resistant, making your life simpler, and guaranteeing the hygiene and cleanliness you need in your home, with minimum effort.

In order to meet that brief, here at Cosentino we supply piece