Which washing machine program should I use?
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When it comes to selecting the right program to wash the laundry in your Bosch washing machine, there are plenty of options available. For most of the programs it's easy to work out what they are and when to use them, but others may require some further explanation. That's why we have listed below the most important program that can be found on our Bosch washing machines and in what situations they should be used, so that you can select the right option for you. Please note that the availability of the listed programs can vary between models.


This basic program is for washing hard-wearing fabrics such as cotton and linen (e.g. t-shirts, bed linen, towels and tablecloths). At up to 60°C the program is suitable for coloured laundry. Above 60°C and up to 90°C, it is suitable for white laundry or colour fast fabrics (e.g. work clothes)..

Cotton Eco

Economically optimised cottons program with a focus on guaranteeing maximum washing performance with minimal consumption of energy and water. To achieve this, the program duration is longer than the basic program. The program offers an initial 60 minute wash cycle before the first rinse. Ideal for light-to-medium soiled garments, a longer wash reduces resource consumption, while still providing impressive wash results.


Basic program for washing less hard-wearing fabrics such as fine cotton, synthetic fibres or blending fabrics. Suitable for shirts or blouses, but also t-shirts made of delicate cotton and coloured fabrics. Recommended for up to 4kg, with a temperature of 60°C.


A program designed to wash laundry made of various hard-wearing and easy-care fabrics of up to 3.5kg in approximately 60 minutes. Ideal for garments that need to be washed urgently, without the need to wait for a full load.

Delicates / silk

Delicates program for particularly delicate fabrics such as machine-washable silk, satin and viscose. The fabrics are spun at a very low speed. The standard wash temperature is preselected at 30°C, and depending on the fabric wash instructions, may be increased to 40°C or even reduced to a cold wash to provide a temperature-controlled wash.


The wool program is tailored to ensure optimum treatment of wool garments. It offers a gentle wash action at an optimum temperature of 30°C. The gentle spin at the end of the cycle extracts water gently, which helps garments retain their shape.

Rinse / freshen up

For rinsing, fabric softening and subsequent final spin.


Can be used for spinning wet laundry after rinse. Fabrics are not harmed and items are ideally prepared for being dried in the dryer.


For draining the water from the machine, can be used after rinse cycle..

Super Quick 15’ / 30’

A short wash program of approximately 15 minutes for up to 2kg of lightly soiled washing or a 30 minute wash program for up to 3.5kg. Suitable for freshening up cotton or easy-care fabrics. With extra rinse cycles and improved rinse spinning, this is one of the shortest complete wash programs.

Shirts / blouses

Especially optimised for easy-care of outer laundry and is ideal for up to 2kg of shirts and blouses. If the program is operated with the basic settings, the clothes are spun more gently than with a normal easy-care program, thereby reducing the formation of creases and making ironing easier..

Allergy Plus

Developed for people with allergies and high hygienic requirements. It keeps the temperature constant during the washing process, so that the fabrics being washed become very clean hygienically and thus removes allergy triggers, germs or house dust mites particularly effectively. Moreover, detergent is removed from the laundry more intensively through longer rinsing with an increased water level. It is suitable for hard-wearing and easy-care fabrics such as cotton and linen.


Specifically for performance and sports fabrics with micro-fibre technology, like those used for gym, cycling or jogging. The program offers two rinse cycles with a gentle washing action for greater fabric protection. To prevent creases from forming in sports clothes, the temperature of the clothes is lowered by adding water before the spin cycle.

Jeans / Dark wash

Special program for washing dark fabrics made of cotton or blended fabrics (including jeans). Laundry is washed with an increased water level of low temperature for a particularly gentle treatment of colours and the fabric. Detergent residue is avoided by rinsing with more water than usual. Fabrics are spun gently to prevent the formation of creases in jeans during the spin cycle. It is recommended that the laundry is washed inside out and that liquid detergents are used.


For down-filled items. It has a special wetting cycle for handling the difficult properties of down effectively including soaking down-filled items thoroughly and preventing the formation of foam. Furthermore, the down is heated in several steps and the temperature is kept constant during the subsequent washing process. In order to ideally protect and prepare down-filled items for the recommended drying in the tumble dryer, they are spun in short intervals. Due to the frequently heavy foaming of fine or special detergents used for down, a small amount of detergent is recommended

Drum clean

To prevent odour build-up, a regular drum clean is recommended if you regularly wash at 40°C or lower. An LED reminder function will flash after more than 20 washes (of 40°C or lower) when a drum clean is required.

Quilts / Duvet

This program uses higher water levels for washing and rinsing. Ideal for washing larger textiles such as quilts, duvets, blankets, bed covers and pillows filled with synthetic fibres up to 2.5kg.

Night Wash

The end sound is switched off in this program, making it suitable to be run at night. It washes at 40°C and dries at a spin speed of 800 rpm with lower noise output. Suitable for cotton, synthetic fabrics or blended fabrics. Maximum load capacity 3.5kg.

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