Things to note when shopping for a washing machine
Getting a washing machine (or a machine that combines both functions) is a big investment and it’s important to make the right choice whether it’s for your first home, or you are replacing your existing machines.
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Here are five key factors to consider when making this purchase.

Average laundry size

As a rule of thumb, laundry machines which can handle a load of 8 kg and above are great for big families of four or more, while a 7 kg washing machine or dryer would meet needs of a two person household.

Space available

Measure the floor space where your machine will be placed to make sure it will fit and remember to allocate small gap between the wall and the back of appliance for ventilation. if you are planning to place dryer above your washing machine, be sure to take in to account height of stacking kit too!

Front load or top load machine

Front load washing machine are gold standard for laundry care for using less water, energy and detergent per load. What's more , a dryer can be stacked on top of front load washing, saving precious floor space. This would not be possible with a top load machine, which will have to to be placed side by side with your dryer.

Washer dryer combo or separate Machine

A washer dryer is a space efficient but can only dry half of the maximum load at time. This means you can only dry 4 kg of laundry at time with a 8 kg washer dryer. To save time, it's best to get separated machines, so you can wash the second load while drying first.

Vented or condenser dryer

Vented dryer are the most affordable but requires a hose that is fitted to a wind for air exchange, which is not necessary for condenser dryers. The latter is also more energy efficient than vented dryers and provide more bang for buck in long term. 

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