5 must-know about front load washing machine
Have you ever wondered what are the features and benefits of front load washing machines? Here are 5 hings you should know.
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5 must-know about front load washing machine
Ahmed Shujau
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Resource Efficiency

Most energy and water efficient washing machines on the market, consuming less resources than other types of washing machines.

Tumble Wash

Laundry is washed with a tumbling motion similar to washing by hand. This imposes less friction on clothes, minimising wear and tear..

Space Saving

A dryer can be stacked on top of a front load washing machine, conserving valuable floor space.

Hygienic Wash Results

Heats water up to 90⁰C, for a deep and hygienic clean.


Front load washing machines have a load sensor, counterweights and padding to ensure silent performance at 55 to 80 decibels at all times.

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