The Essentials of Sauna Interior: Creating a Perfect Sanctuary
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Designing the interior of a sauna is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that maximizes comfort, safety, and functionality. Thoughtful incorporation of elements such as armrests, side panels, skirting panels, headrests, and floor grating can transform a regular sauna into a luxurious retreat. This blog will delve into the importance of these components and how they enhance your sauna experience.


From traditional interiors to a creative solution. Choose between a range of standard interiors such as Classic, Wide, Slim, and Panorama, or explore the option of tailormade solutions.

Armrests & Side panels

For settings where the ends of sauna benches are not fixed against a wall or other support

Skirting panels

Prefabricated skirting panels screen off the gaps between the benches.


Add the extra comfort and finish the look with skirting, floor grating, armrests or side panels.

Floor grating

The floor decking feels smooth and pleasant beneath your bare feet and adds a sense of luxury and comfort.

Adjustable headrest

With multiple adjustment options, you can easily adjust the pillow to find the perfect position for your head and neck. Available in Alder and Aspen

Ventilation hatches

For proper function of your sauna heater and for efficiency and longevity of your sauna, well-tuned ventilation is a must

Glass fronts & corners

There are many possibilities when constructing saunas with our prefabricated glazed sections, crafted from durable safety glass. With a variety of sizes and configurations available, Tylö ensures that each sauna exudes a distinctive contemporary design, making it a standout feature in any setting.


Top-quality doors are specially manufactured to withstand the considerable temperature differences between the outside and inside of the sauna without warping or becoming deformed.

Tips for a well-designed sauna interior


Maintain consistency in the type of wood and finish used throughout the sauna interior for a cohesive look.


Focus on ergonomic designs that provide maximum comfort and support.


Use soft, indirect lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Ensure proper ventilation to maintain air quality and comfort.

The interior design of your sauna is crucial for creating a comfortable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment. Incorporating elements like armrests, side panels, skirting panels, headrests, and floor grating can significantly enhance your sauna experience. By paying attention to these details, you can create a sauna interior that is both beautiful and functional, providing the ultimate retreat for relaxation and well-being. Invest in quality materials and thoughtful design, and enjoy the many benefits of a well-designed sauna space.

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