Your ultimate bed buying guide
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Choosing the right bed is crucial for ensuring a good night's sleep and maintaining overall well-being. This guide will take you through three essential steps: selecting the right bed size, choosing the best bed base, and picking the perfect mattress

Chose bed size

Select the bed base

Select the mattress

Step 1: Choose the bed

When selecting the right bed size, two crucial factors come into play: space and comfort. Firstly, assess the dimensions of your bedroom to determine the maximum space available for the bed. Consider leaving enough room for easy movement around the bed and other furniture. Secondly, prioritize comfort by selecting a bed size that accommodates your sleeping habits and body size. A larger bed provides more space to stretch out and reduces disturbances from a sleeping partner. Balancing these considerations ensures you find a bed size that maximizes both comfort and functionality in your bedroom. 

90x200 cm

Single bed ideal for children, teenager and single adults.

140x200 cm

Super single bed ideal for larger teenagers, single adults .

160x200 cm

Queen size bed is ideal for couples, individual who prefer extra space.

180x200 cm

Kind size bed is ideal for people who prefer maximum space, families with small children sharing the bed.

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Step 2: Select the bed base

When selecting between a slatted base and a hydraulic bed base, consider several factors to ensure you choose the best option for your needs. A slatted base offers excellent ventilation and support for your mattress, promoting airflow and extending its lifespan. It's ideal for those seeking a traditional feel and adequate mattress support. On the other hand, a hydraulic bed base, such as the Ergo Space model, provides convenient storage solutions by lifting the mattress effortlessly. This option maximizes space utilization in smaller rooms and adds a modern touch to your bedroom decor. Assess your space requirements, desired aesthetics, and storage needs to determine whether a slatted base or hydraulic bed base best suits your lifestyle and bedroom layout. 

Platform slat base

A solid frame with evenly spaced slats across the width.

Hydraulic bed base

Features a hydraulic lift mechanism for easy access to under-bed storage.

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Step 3: Select the mattress

When selecting between a spring or pocket spring mattress, consider factors like support and motion isolation. Traditional spring mattresses offer robust support and a bouncy feel, making them ideal for those who prefer a firmer sleep surface and excellent airflow. In contrast, pocket spring mattresses provide targeted support by individually wrapped coils, minimizing motion transfer and catering to different body contours for personalized comfort. Choosing between these options ultimately depends on your preference for firmness, motion isolation needs, and desired sleeping experience.

Spring mattress

As Spring mattress features interconnected springs in a wireframe, providing firm and bouncy support. This traditional design offers uniform weight distribution and is typically more affordable. While it may transfer more motion and offer less contouring compared to pocket spring mattresses, it remains a durable and budget-friendly option for those seeking a firmer sleeping surface

Pocket spring mattress

A pocket spring mattress contains individual springs housed in their own fabric pockets. Each spring operates independently, providing tailored support and minimizing motion transfer, making it ideal for couples. This design conforms to your body shape, enhancing comfort and promoting better sleep. Pocket spring mattresses are generally long-lasting and offer excellent support, though they tend to be more expensive due to their complex construction.Op

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Optional Step: Consider a Mattress Protector

Considering a mattress protector for your bed is essential for maintaining its longevity and cleanliness. A good quality mattress protector acts as a barrier against spills, dust mites, and allergens, keeping your mattress fresh and hygienic. It also helps preserve the warranty of your mattress by protecting it from stains and wear. Investing in a mattress protector not only enhances the comfort and durability of your bed but also ensures a healthier sleeping environment for you and your family.

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