Sofa with a sleep function - small apartment solution.
Arrangement of a living room with a sleeping function - a solution for a small apartment
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Sofa with a sleep function -  small apartment solution.
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For some it is a necessity, for others it is an opportunity to cleverly use the available space. Living room and bedroom in one is a practical solution that more and more people are choosing. How to combine a living room with a bedroom to gain a comfortable and multi-purpose space? Here are some useful tips!

Living room with sleeping function - a convenient solution for small apartments​

In small apartments, which are characterized by limited space, a good solution is to combine the living room with the bedroom. They are usually chosen by owners of studios, but also apartments for short-term rental. In such a place, an additional place to sleep at night is always a big plus.

A bedroom and a living room in the same room are often the only solution for parents who have given up their own bedroom, converting it into a children's room. Multifunctional interiors are also often found in open-plan apartments. 

Regardless of your motivation, combining a living room with a bedroom is a practical and functional option. Thanks to it, you will optimally use the available area and gain a comfortable 2-in-1 room.

How to arrange a living room with a sleeping function?

How to furnish a living room that turns into a bedroom at night? Contrary to appearances, reconciling these two functions is not a difficult task. Here are some handy tricks that will help you create a comfortable place to receive guests, relax and sleep.

How to combine a living room with a bedroom? Bet on multifunctional furniture!

Combining a bedroom with a living room usually requires a compromise and choosing solutions where functionality and good design create a harmonious duo. So, above all, focus on equipment that is light and mobile . These are usually features of Scandinavian and industrial style furniture.

Are you arranging a small living room? Reach for multifunctional furniture such as a pouffe , which will be used to sit and store small items; double coffee tables that are easy to slide into one; dressing tables-desks providing a place to work or shelves replacing walls and partitions (if you want to separate the day zone from the night zone).

For example, instead of buying a large coffee table, reach for a compact coffee table that you can easily move, e.g. when unfolding the sofa. Remember that such a table will also successfully replace a bedside table - in the evening you can put a glass of water, an alarm clock or a phone on it.

Sofas with a sleeping function - a way to create a living room with a bedroom

When planning the arrangement of the living room, take a moment to choose the right sofa or corner sofa . If a piece of furniture is to be used not for occasional sleeping, but for everyday use, it must meet certain requirements. To ensure a comfortable sleep, pay attention to:

  • ​Sleeping surface - it cannot be too small if two people will use the furniture;
  • Seat filling - corrugated springs, bonell and foam guarantee comfort of rest;
  • Unfolding mechanism - it should enable efficient unfolding of the furniture; 
  • Practical container for bedding - it will facilitate the storage of bedding and various everyday items; 
  • The ability to change the arrangement of the furniture - it is provided by modular furniture, including corners.

To comfortably arrange a bedroom with a living room, it is worth focusing on proven solutions. We offer you stylish and comfortable Rimi sofa that will turn into a bed for two in a few moments.

We feel good at home for many reasons, including because it is a space that meets our needs and taste. Multifunctional furniture makes living even more pleasant. The Rimi fold-out sofa will bring elegance and coziness to the interior, it will be a comfortable seat, and at the same time will allow you to sleep well.

Features & Specifications

Sleeping function

It will successfully replace a bed thanks to a uniform sleeping surface of 140 × 195 cm

WallFree backrest

Does not require moving away from the wall when unfolding to sleep

Bedding container

A large container to store pillow, a blanke and orther textiles

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