FLEX. Wardrobes for your needs!
The FLEX wardrobe will answer all your storage needs. Design it yourself!
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FLEX. Wardrobes for your needs!
Ahmed Shujau
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Choosing the right wardrobe is often a challenge. This particular piece of furniture should be not only practical and functional, but also representative - so that it fits into the whole arrangement. How to find the perfect model? Modern Flex wardrobes are the solution!

Solidity and functionality - features of an ideal wardrobe

Do you know the effort of searching through many offers and catalogs in search of the perfect wardrobe ? You think you've finally found the right model, but every time something comes up that disqualifies it? We have a solution for you - modern and functional Flex wardrobes! What is their uniqueness?

Flex wardrobes meet all your storage needs, and it's possible because you give them that functionality. Unlike classic, standard furniture, these are precisely personalized in terms of the preferences of each user - both aesthetic and functional.

In addition to the wide functionality, Flex cabinets are also synonymous with reliability and professionalism. The guarantee of the highest quality is based on several factors. FLEX wardrobes are based on solid bodies that guarantee their stability. The sides of the cabinets and the 18 mm thick top top and 22 mm base guarantee comfortable use of the furniture for years.

Flex cabinets: really many possibilities

Regardless of what kind of wardrobe you are looking for, there are three basic factors to consider when buying it - size, style and equipment. We suggest you go through the process of creating your furniture in this order. Ready? Let's start!

Step 1 Select size

The first thing you should consider when designing a wardrobe is its dimensions. Do you have a small, low interior? Depending on the living conditions and your preferences, you can choose a wardrobe up to 218 cm or 240 cm. At this stage, you can also decide whether you need straight or corner furniture.

Sliding door wardrobe
Hinged door wardrobe
  Corner       wardrobe

In a similar way, you can personalize the Flex wardrobe in terms of width. Depending on whether you need a small and handy piece of furniture or a larger wardrobe, you can choose a model with a width of 100 cm to 260 cm. Thanks to this, you can easily place it anywhere, even in a small place in your room.

Step 2 Match the style

Now that you've determined the dimensions of your wardrobe, it's time to move on to designing its exterior. 

You can choose hinged or sliding doors for your FLEX wardrobe . You decide which of these solutions will work best! Hinged doors work great when there is enough space in the room to open them freely. For more minimalist look and space conservation sliding door wardrobe is perfect solution.

Decision made? Now it's time to get a creative and decide your door fronts. You can have two mirror door or one mirrored door. You can chose your fronts Chose from elegant mirror panels, modern lacobel (impressive glass panels), glossy or matte white.

Step 3 Add interior element

it really doesn't matter how big your wardrobe is. What matters is how you organize its interior. Take advantage of the possibilities by complementing it with properly selected accessories. You have a wide range of solutions at your disposal, thanks to which you can easily accommodate several pairs of shoes, socks, handbags, dresses, trousers and many other items of clothing. 

Sets of shelves and drawers , as well as additional containers will allow you to organize the interior functionally and store thick sweaters, t-shirts or sports sweatshirts. However, the Flex wardrobe gives you the ability to store a much larger spectrum of the contents of your wardrobe. Its interior can be equipped with additional shelves for shoes , hangers for trousers (you can hang them at two heights), as well as traditional rods for hangers , on which, for example, summer dresses will be hung. 

When choosing  your wardrobe, you will also find several ways to organize fashionable accessories. A clever drawer with compartments will help you with this , above which (for greater transparency) you can mount a glass shelf . The offer also includes drawers with a glass front , thanks to which you can see what their contents are hiding.

Step 4 Add lights

A great advantage of Flex wardrobes is also the internal lighting and the possibility of their full extension, the advantages of which you will notice especially at dusk, when looking for a shirt or a missing sock. 

Enjoy your wardrobe!

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