Why induction?
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Why induction?
Ahmed Shujau
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Save time for the important things in life. Our induction cooktops with PowerBoost function increases power output to selected cooking zone by approximately 50 percent. Which means you can easily heat up 2 liters water in just 4.7 minutes*.

Why is it so fast, so easy to clean and safe?​​

Induction hobs are easier to clean than traditional hobs, because the ceramic glass doesn't get as hot. Any spillages can be quickly and easily wiped away. With an Induction hob, micro-currents are generated in the bottom of the pot. Consequently, heat is only created when the pan is connected to the hob & heating will stop as soon as it's removed, which means it's far safer than cooking with traditional hobs. 



The Touch select panel of our induction hobs lets you select cooking zones with ease and directly set the individuals power levels.

Touch control-Digital display

Put your constant worry to rest. The intelligent digital display of our hobs alerts you when your food is ready, while keeping track of your total cooking time as well.


The Touch select panel of our induction hobs lets you select cooking zones with ease and directly set the individuals power levels.

Boost function for all zones

The 32 cm cooking zones of our inductions is specially designed for an action of up to 5.5kW power. Which means, you


PowerBoost –  more power

PowerBoost channels increased power to a selected zone to quicken the cooking process. With PowerBoost, you can boil 2 liters of water almost three times faster than on a conventional glass-ceramic hob.

Pan recognition sensor:

The pan recognition sensor detects the diameters of your pots and pans accordingly to determine the size of your cooking zone. And if you remove your pots without switching the induction off, the indicator on the control panel will become inactive until it detects your pots and pans again.


Stage residual heat indicator

The countdown timer on our hobs allows you to set your desired cooking time and notifies you when the time is up. The cooking zone automatically deactivates once the countdown is completed.

Easy to clean

Our induction hobs are made of ceramic glass which don't heat up as much. This makes the cleaning of any spillage super convenient and safe.

Child lock

Maximum safety for tiny hands. Lock your hob’s control panel and prevent accidental little chefs from ‘helping out’ and hurting themselves. Enjoy the reassurance of maximum safety for both you and your loved ones.

Safe to use

With your safety in mind, our induction hobs only heat
up when a pot or pan is placed on it. And heating stops
immediately once your remove the pot

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