FlameSelet explained
How FlameSelect™ differs from conventional gas cooktops
5 October, 2023 by
FlameSelet  explained
Ahmed Shujau
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Introducing FlameSelect® on Bosch cooktops, an entirely new and better way to cook with gas. 9 preset power levels let you easily adjust flame level for more precise, controlled heating. Whether you’re rapidly bringing water to an intense boil or delicately melting chocolate, the numbered flame levels deliver the exact temperature every time. There’s no more hot or cold spots, just precision heating for perfect results.


A new and better way to cook with gas

How FlameSelect™ differs from conventional gas cooktops

Precision heating 

Achieve the exact flame power at each level, every time, with each of the pre-defined power levels. 

Consistent results 

Love your pancakes or eggs a certain doneness? Simply use the same power level each time to achieve the exact same results, so there’s no more guesswork. 

Eliminate guesswork 

No need to check flame height because it’s now consistent each time  

Power Level 1-2 

Great for melting chocolate

Power Level 4

Great for delicately browning crêpes

Power Level 3

Medium Low
Great for setting custard

Power Level 5 

Medium Medium
Great for folding omelettes

Power Level 6-7

Medium High - High Medium
Great for searing salmon

Power Level 8-9

Great for setting custard
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