Every kitchen has oily utensils. That’s why it needs a Bosch dishwasher
Oily pots and pans, our new range of dishwashers can handle everything any kitchen dishes out. With thoughtful features like RackMatic and PerfectDry, doing the dishes is now easier than ever before. Simply put, Bosch dishwashers are  No.1 dishwasher brand.
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Every kitchen has oily utensils. That’s why it needs a Bosch dishwasher
Ahmed Shujau
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There’s so much more to your dishwasher than just “loading it up and hitting wash.” Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover a whole gamut of time-saving, grime-fighting tricks hidden up its sleeve! By the time you get to the end of this list, you’ll never see a dishwasher in the same way again.

Let your amazing cooking stories have a happy ending

After spending enough time cooking, Bosch Dishwashers ensure that you spend the rest of your time comfortably. Enjoy those post-meal moments with your loved ones, than have to worry on spending your time cleaning those tough oily stains, off your utensils. Perfectly programmed to pre-rinse, wash and dry, your Bosch dishwashers give you sparkling and hygienic utensils, ready for use within no time.

Benefits of a Bosch dishwasher


Germ- free, Odour-free, Stain-free, to make you worry free

Bosch dishwashers use 70°C hot water to wash away all the dirty grease off your utensils. The hot water hygienic wash kills 99% germs from all the utensils including baby sippers, making them odour free and safe.


It saves electricity, water and your efforts

We care about your well-being and the environment too. Hence, our dishwashers consume only 9.5 litres of water and less than 0.8kwh of energy per wash thereby conserving water and electricity

Clutter-free kitchen

Say goodbye to your messy kitchen

After using your utensils, you can directly place them in their designated place in our systematically designed dishwasher, leaving the kitchen platform clutter-free and spacious.

No pre-rinse required

When we say ‘effortless’, we actually mean it

Although many prescribe to “pre-washing,” it’s a waste of time, water and energy. All you need to do is to scrape off large bits of food that can get stuck and clog the drain filter with a spoon. Load it up then sit back and trust your dishwasher to do what it’s designed to do.

Looks like a dishwasher, fits like a glove

The compact yet elegant design of our dishwashers make it easy for you to place it as per your convenience and preference.Bosch dishwasher comes in two different construction types. 

Free-standing: Standalone units like 60 cm, slimline, compact and tabletop dishwashers can be placed freely on the kitchen floor or tabletop. 60cm and slimline dishwashers can also be installed under the kitchen counter but they will not have a continuous plinth panel or be flushed with kitchen cabinetry.

Fully Integrated: Installed under the kitchen counter, fully integrated dishwashers are seamlessly concealed behind your kitchen cabinetry. With a full-panel furniture front on the door and a continuous plinth panel, the fascia panel of fully integrated dishwashers are integrated into the top of the dishwasher door and can only be seen when the door is ajar.

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