Dishwasher symbols and settings
Bosch dishwasher symbols explained
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Dishwasher symbols and settings
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Getting the most out of your dishwasher is easy once you understand the most common symbols and settings. Our dishwasher symbols guide helps you quickly understand the basics, and discover dishwasher functions that save you time and energy.

Bosch dishwasher programmes

Eco 50°

The economy cycle is a longer programme which uses less water and electricity

Auto 45° - 65°

The auto cycle is ideal for your everyday dishwashing needs.

1h programme

Wash and dry in just one hour with our 1h programme.

Express 45°

Choose this express programme to wash and dry your cups and glasses quickly – the cooler water temperature is just right for your delicate glassware..

Express 60°

Slightly hotter than our quick wash programme for glasses, our Express 60° programme gets your tableware clean when you need it fast.

Glass 40°

The Glass 40° programme adjusts the temperature and extends the drying period to gently dry sensitive glass items such as high-quality crystal, leaving a brilliant shine.

Intensive 70°

This heavy-duty programme uses high temperatures and increased spray pressure. Ideal for dishes with very stubborn, burned or dried-on food remains.

Machine Care

Dishwashers need care, too. Create a regular care routine for yours with our machine care programme. When used with machine cleaning detergent, it will deep-clean your appliance and reduce the development of limescale, grease and odours.

Bosch dishwasher options


Want to speed up a cycle? Combine your preferred programme* with the SpeedPerfect option and the run time will be shortened by up to 66%.


SpeedPerfect+ will allow you to reduce the duration of the wash cycle and drying cycle* by up to half the time. 

*Except on the following programmes: Pre-wash, Express 45° Express 65°


During your dishwasher's final rinse, sustained temperatures of up to 70 °C ensure strong anti-bacterial performance. Ideal for households with small children or allergy sufferers.


Activate the Hygiene Plus function for an extra-hot final rinse that ensures superior antibacterial performance. Especially suitable for cleaning chopping boards or baby bottles.


The IntensiveZone option, which can be added to many programmes, ensures a higher spray pressure and increases the temperature in the lower basket. Great for cleaning heavily soiled pots and pans. More delicate items can be placed in the upper basket at the same time.

*This symbol can look different on older models.°

Shine & Dry

By adding more water during the rinse cycle and extending the drying phase, this option prevents water marks and improves drying results. There's a slight increase in energy consumption and rinse aid is recommended for this function.

Extra Dry

Activating the Extra Dry option gives your dishes an extra-thorough dry using higher temperatures during the rinse cycle and a longer drying phase – with just one push of a button.

Half Load

If you have only a few items to wash (e.g. glasses, cups, plates), you can switch to "half load" to save water, energy and time.

*This symbol can look different on older models.°


Choose whether your cycle should finish in 3, 6 or 9 hours.

Dishwasher safe symbols

What is the symbol for dishwasher safe?

Atlthough there's no universal definition or symbol for "dishwasher safe," here are two examples of dishwasher safe symbols, which tells you that an item can go in the dishwasher.

What is the food safe symbol?

The international symbol for food safe materials is a stylised fork and wine glass. Crockery, cutlery and utensils that carry the symbol do not release any harmful substances into food.

  • Must appear on material or packaging as a general rule.
  • If product is too small: can also be displayed close by.
  • If clearly intended for food use (e.g. as packaging): does not need to appear.
What is the dishwasher proof symbol?

The term "dishwasher proof" only applies to tableware and utensils certified according to the European norm EN 12875.

  • The number indicates how many dishwasher cycles an item can withstand without damage.
  • The higher the number, the more robust the item.

Pro tip: this symbol mostly appears on premium or professional-quality items.

Dishwasher care symbols

When your dishwasher displays one of these three symbols, it needs your attention. Learn what to do when you see them.

Rinse aid, dishwasher salt symbol, dishwasher tap symbol
Rinse aid refill indicator

Rinse aid helps your dishes dry evenly after the rinse cycle and prevents streaks. Just fill the container and your dishwasher will do the rest.

Pro tip: some dishwasher tabs also contain rinse aid, but you might need more if you have hard water.

Dishwasher salt symbol

Easy to recognize: the dishwasher salt symbol looks like an "S" for salt. When you see it, just fill up the container and your appliance will add the right amount with each rinse cycle.

Salt softens hard water to protect your dishwasher and dishes from limescale deposits. If you have hard water, your dishwasher might use more salt to give your dishes the best possible care.

Dishwasher tap symbol

Your dishwasher is not getting enough water. Maybe there's a blockage, or an incorrectly mounted hose. Or maybe your tap isn't on. There could also be an issue with the electronics.

If the dishwasher tap symbol lights up:

  • Check the hoses and water connection.
  • If necessary, check your dishwasher manual.
Bosch status indicators

These dishwasher symbols simply let you know what's happening in your dishwasher. They don't require any action on your part.

Brush symbol

What is the brush symbol on your Bosch dishwasher? It simply means your machine is busy washing your dishes. There's nothing for you to do but sit back and relax until the cycle is finished.

Pre-rinse symbol

This symbol indicates a short rinse cycle before the full wash cycle. Pre-rinse is useful whenever you have dried-on food remains or dishes that have been sitting for a while.

Dishwasher drying symbol

This symbol lets you know your machine is currently drying your dishes as part of a normal wash cycle.

Child lock

The child lock protects your dishwasher from being opened by tiny hands. Deactivate it using a button combination or a long press.

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