6 reason why using dishwasher is better than hand washing
The afternath of cooking a big meal - washing stack of pots and plates lying in the sink - is something many of people dread. If that not good enough reason in its self here is six more why investing in a dishwasher for your family is worth it.
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6 reason why using dishwasher is better than hand washing
Ahmed Shujau
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Dishwashing saves you water...

Wondering how much water you would use if you had washed full load which could have been washed in your dishwasher? you might be surprised by the answer

It actually uses around 40 liters of water. This means you would have saved up to 33.5 liters * of water per rinse cycle compared to washing and rinsing dishes under the running water. That is enough extra bath every week

* Based on a 6.5 liter consumption. Values can differ between model and brand

..And Energy

If you do your dishes by hand, you will need 2060 KwH energy per load while your dishwasher only consumes 0.73kWh* per cycle save up to 1.87 kWh* energy. This would not only saves you money but also is good for environment.

* using Eco Mode 50. Vlaues can differ between models and brands

..But time also

It takes about 15 minues to load and unload your dishwasher. When you do the same amount of dishes by hand, it will take around 60 minutes of your time. That; saving of up 45 minutes per load - and gives 210 hours of free time or almost 8 vacation days per year.

It's also more hygienic...

Old sponges are hot bed for E.Coli and salmonella. Unlike washing dishes by hand, a dishwasher kills germs with hot water, In addition, an average of 10,000,00 bacteria per cm2 can be found in the sink. With the HygienePlus option Bosch dishwasher ensures maximum hygiene by kill up to 99.9% of germs.

..Cleans tough stains easier

Your tantalizing tray of lasange might polished off in five minutes, but the cleaning up could take twice the time or even longer. Your dishwasher removes tough stains with its internal high-pressure water jets - so all you need to do is to tip any left over food from your plates in to bin.

And reduces your house work

Four house parties and family gathering where cutlery is used, a dishwasher will most definitely clean faster that hand washing dishes. That's not only more convenient for you, bit also saves time 

If you still need to wash something by hand

    • Bacteria thrives in your sink, make sure you clean it regularly.
    • Sponges are breeding ground for bacteria. Replace them regularly or put the in the microwave to kill germs.
    • Sponge wipes and tea towel should be washed at a minimum of 60 °C with heavy duty detergent.
    • Make sure that your tea towels can dry well.
    • If you have rinsed the meat in the sink, make sure that your clean it afterwards to avoid getting germ deposits on your dishes.
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