Wash tower

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Color: White

Product Description

The clever solution for your washer and dryers

When purchasing a new washing machine, there is a lot to note: Energy efficiency, drum size and wash programs. After choosing a model, many people find that they did not think enough about the installation. Sometimes the load is not comfortable enough, others would like more storage space. The washing tower has clever solutions for just such problems. In our washing machine cabinets, washing machines or dryers can be installed in a raised position and thus facilitate the handling of loading and unloading. They also offer additional storage space and can even be extended by using cabinet attachments.

If you have limited space in the bathroom or household room, you can gain precious space by vertical positioning of the dryer and washing machine. This means that 2 devices can be stored despite little space. Additional cabinet sets allow you to create additional storage space. Thanks to the raiser, the laundry can be removed from the top machine from a comfortable height. In addition, you no longer have to bend down to check whether there is still something in the drum. The laundry can be transported from the washing machine to the dryer in a few simple steps.

Type 1 dimension (W x H x D) 67 x 185 x 65.4 cm

Type 3 dimension (W x H x D) 67 x 144.6 x 65.4 cm