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E- with 3 pcs of standard adaptors

1,389.29 MVR 1389.29 MVR 2,315.48 MVR

2,143.96 MVR

(0.00 MVR / unit)

    This combination does not exist.

    Internal Reference: U2014-0420-01

    Product Description

    Are you frustrated with the lack of power points, expensive electrician fees and the need for messy installation?

    Eubiq power tracks are designed to be installation and user friendly so that anyone can enjoy our artistic power outlets with option of different adaptors and accessories at a great value. 

    The E-Track series is our most economical track to date. With just a small initial investment, the track allows you to enjoy both the functional and aesthetical benefits for years and maybe even decades! We cater this track specially for consumers that prefers a simple plug and use design. This track requires no installation. Just plug and start using. What’s amazing is that we have also designed this track for consumers that wish to mount it on walls and backdrops.

     All our tracks are hand assembled and machine perfected. Here at Eubiq, our state-of-the-art patented technology allows us to boast a track record of more than a decade of reliability, safety and global recognition. All our products are designed and developed in Singapore and make use of only high-grade aluminum, copper, stainless steel and specially formulated polycarbonate to ensure highest durability. The elegance, sophistication and functionality of our tracks are proven to be a conversational starter with your guests and clients!

    Technical Specifications