SPC vinyl basic 5.3 wide plank brushed texture

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Vinyl flooring

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Joint pattern: 4V-groove
Surface design: Brushed texture
Plank size: L 1209 x W 225 x T 5.3 mm

Features & Specifications


This flooring is water-resistant and ideally suited for bathroom and kitchens.

Antibacterial and hygienic

It is antibacterial and hygienic, as dirt, dust and germs cannot easily adhere to the surface.

Dimensionally stable

This flooring has a dimensional stability and can be installed in large room up to maximum 400 square meters with out expansion.  

Easy to maintain

Signs of everyday wear and tear are easy to remove and clean.

Genuine top performer 

German Manufactured Quality

Vinyl flooring with SPC core board, as flooring for universal use, is particularly dimensionally stable. Its core board evens bumps out perfectly. Renovations on tiles can give the living space a com- pletely new look with little effort. In case of demanding room situations such as larger spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows and conservatories, the waterproof vinyl flooring is the ideal choice; it even lends a special ambience to wet rooms.

1. UV coating layer

2. Vinyl wear layer

3. Vinyl decor layer

4. SPC core layer

5. Akustik counter layer

6. Comfort-Click