Zenda glass door cabinet

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Color: Waterford oak & black
Height: 146,5 cm
Width: 90,5 cm
Depth: 42 cm

Internal Reference: S617-REG1D1W/150-DWF/CA-BC-KPL01



The ZENDA display cabinet offers ample space to showcase photos, souvenirs, and other cherished items, allowing you to personalize your space while providing plenty of storage options. With six hidden zones behind doors, you can conveniently store various items such as clothes, dishes, or documents.

Modern design

The display cabinet features a striking modern design. The combination of Waterford oak body with matte black fronts creates a contemporary aesthetic, enhanced by original cutters that mimic lamellas, providing a unique three-dimensional look and a flawless finish. The addition of metal handles complements the furniture's style seamlessly.

The ZENDA display cabinet is a modern piece of furniture that will highlight the advantages of the room. Now you can display photos, souvenirs and other items that remind you of nice moments. Create a personalized space and gain plenty of storage space.

The ZENDA display cabinet with dimensions of 90.5 x 146.5 x 42 cm is an impressive piece of furniture that surprises with its extraordinary design and functionality. The body in the shade of Waterford oak is combined with matte black fronts. Combined with an original cutter imitating lamellas, giving a three-dimensional look and a perfect finish . The whole is complemented by metal handles that perfectly match the style of the furniture.

In addition to the glass part, there are also six zones hidden behind doors where you can place clothes, dishes or documents. As an option, you can illuminate the shelves , thus illuminating your interior.

Additionally, you can order metal legs for the ZENDA display cabinet , which will significantly increase the height of the furniture. Thanks to them, you will gain not only an original form and lightness , but also give you the opportunity to use the services of a cleaning robot . While ensuring the lightness of the entire structure.