Zenda hanging shelf

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Color: Waterford oak & black
Height: 62,5 cm
Width: 150 cm
Depth: 48 cm

Internal Reference: S617-POL/150-DWF/CA-BC-KPL01

Stylish aesthetics

Featuring elegant Waterford oak combined with matte black accents, the ZENDA hanging shelf exudes sophistication and modernity. The original milled panel design, characterized by meticulously crafted grooves, adds a distinctive three-dimensional appearance to the shelf, enhancing the visual appeal of any contemporary interior setting.

Space-saving design

The ZENDA hanging shelf allows you to decorate your wall while maximizing space efficiency. It provides a convenient solution for displaying books, photo albums, scented candles, or decorative souvenirs, helping you keep your living space organized and clutter-free.

ZENDA hanging shelf – decorate the wall and gain space for accessories

Create an interior where every item has its place. An interior that impresses not only with its aesthetics and quality, but also with its practical use. 

The ZENDA hanging shelf is the perfect addition to the collection. You can decorate the wall with it, but you will also gain additional space for books, photo albums, scented candles or holiday souvenirs. 

The shelf has dimensions of 150 x 25 x 22.5 cm, which means you can place it above both a TV cabinet and a chest of drawers from the ZENDA series. Elegant colors - Waterford oak with matte black - and the original milled panel, thanks to the characteristic and carefully made grooves, give it a three-dimensional and three-dimensional appearance. Its aesthetics will work well in modern arrangements, introducing character and style. 

Choose the ZENDA hanging shelf to create a living room that best suits your needs. Get a space where all household members will feel comfortable.