Sofa Rimi

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3 set sofa bed

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Height: 92 cm
Width: 223 cm
Depth: 97 cm

Features & Specifications

Rimi Lux 3 seater  sofa - a higher level of relaxation

We feel good at home for many reasons, including because it is a space that meets our needs and taste. Multifunctional furniture makes living even more pleasant. The Rimi fold-out sofa will bring elegance and coziness to the interior, it will be a comfortable seat, and at the same time will allow you to sleep well. 

A sofa with a sleeping function is an indispensable piece of furniture in a smaller apartment, where it is worth focusing on universal solutions. It will successfully replace a bed thanks to a uniform sleeping surface of 140 × 195 cm , which is ensured by corrugated springs in the seat and mattress. The WallFree backrest mechanism means that when unfolding the sofa, you do not have to move it away from the wall. You can store bedding, a blanket or other textiles in a large container . 

The three-seater Rimi sofa will also be a stylish piece of furniture for sitting, and full comfort for guests and household members will be ensured by an additional layer of highly elastic HR foam. Soft backrest cushions, two decorative pillows and practical armrests are other elements that contribute to the comfort of use.