Interior drawers

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Dimension (HxD): 29x45 cm

2,869.04 MVR 2869.04 MVR 2,869.04 MVR

2,656.52 MVR

(2,869.04 MVR / pc)
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Color: Silver grey
Specification: Two drawers, incl. shelf to be mounted inside the wardrobe

Product Description

Discover our carefully designed accessory system and get ready for a tidier future.

When you choose an Express wardrobe, you’ve chosen abundant space. Or more aptly: you’ve chosen abundant, flexible space that you can structure, personalize and tailor to suit your clothes – all with the help of accessories. Whatever you want to tidy away, protect or hide: we have the perfect interior solution for you. And each individual accessory is cleverly designed to ensure that you can find everything in the twinkling of an eye.

100 cm interior drawer cannot be used for 150 cm/175 cm sliding door wardrobes!

100 cm pull-out accessories cannot be fitted into the outer segments of 4-door sliding door wardrobes (W 350 cm and 400 cm)!

With hinged door wardrobes, elements with pull-out mechanisms cannot be mounted at the height of the door hinges!

Load-bearing capacity pull-out shelves and interior drawers: 15 kg