Flex Sliding Door Wardrobe 180 cm white

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Width: 180 cm
Handle: Silver


Simple elegance

Sliding door wardrobe in width 180 cm with body in polar white and front in integrated mirror.

The perfect reflection

The integrated mirror allows you to enjoy your favourite pieces in all their glory.

Customizable interior

With carefully designed accessory system, you can personalize interior that suits your storage requirement.

Flex wardrobe – a wardrobe tailored to your needs

Are you wondering how to arrange a small interior? Or maybe you want your bedroom or youth room to become cozier? The solution for you is a stylish, light-colored wardrobe . The mirror fronts will optically brighten the room.  In a small interior, mirrors will visually enlarge the space.

The interior of wardrobe can be tailored to your requirement with Flex wardrobe extensive accessory system.The wardrobe is therefore an ideal choice for a bedroom where you want the interior furnishings to promote relaxation and make it easier to fall asleep. Choose brakes for sliding fronts to make using the product more comfortable. If your wardrobe contains a lot of elegant clothes and for aesthetic reasons it would be better to hang them on a hanger, then the stylish Flex wardrobe is a proposition for you. In addition to one basic rod for hangers, you can install a second additional rod inside the canvas gray wardrobe . Thus, all items of your wardrobe will be stored properly and you will easily keep order.a

Discover our carefully designed Flex accessory system and get ready for a tidier future

Introducing our meticulously crafted wardrobe accessory system, designed to revolutionize the way you organize your clothing and accessories. Prepare for a tidier and more efficient future with our thoughtfully curated collection of accessories.