Nina 2 chair

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Soro 97 grey/black

1,378.05 MVR 1378.05 MVR 1,621.23 MVR

1,501.14 MVR

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  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth

This combination does not exist.

Height: 84 cm
Width: 45 cm
Depth: 49.5 cm

Internal Reference: D09-TXK_NINA/2-TX058-1-SORO_97_GREY


Nina 2 chair - retro-elegance in a home dining room

When arranging the apartment, it is definitely worth paying attention to the ergonomic arrangement of the dining room and the common space of the living room and kitchen. It's the perfect place for a table where you can meet the whole family. Match it with the Nina 2 chair with a simple and timeless design and interesting colours. What is a simple chair ? The frame and seat are made of natural beech wood. The backrest is reinforced with two crossbars. Do you know what impresses with a dining chair? Its colors, in which the black frame is combined with the dark Soro 97 Gray fabric . Such an elegant character will work not only in a home space, but also in offices and a conference room in a hotel. Devoid of decors and unnecessary details, the Nina 2 chair will stay in retro, modern, eclectic or Scandinavian interiors for good. You already have the star of the arrangement, now all that remains is the selection of decorations and other box furniture.

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