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High Speed Hand Dryer

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7,364.59 MVR

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    Internal Reference: 205632

    Features & Specifications

    Extremely short drying time of less than twelve seconds

    Energy efficient use thanks to infrared proximity sensors

    Hygienic hand drying with clean air thanks to HEPA filter

    Clear the air

    Comfort and hygiene – never do without them again with this hand dryer in your washrooms. The appliance with white plastic casing blends in perfectly with its surroundings and takes less than twelve seconds to dry the hands of your guests or staff. Ideal if you want to meet the high requirements for sanitary facilities in restaurants, the commercial sector or public buildings. Comfort is increased if the heating function is also used. Without heating, on the other hand, you save energy. By the way, in "silent mode" the appliance works more quietly, which is an advantage in schools or offices.

    Purify indoor air regularly

    Contactless, infrared control of the hand dryer ensures economical operation and makes the process of hand drying more hygienic at the same time. The HEPA filter and integral room air purifier also contribute to better hygiene. This means you can say goodbye to dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses in your sanitary facilities.

    Power supply.: 1/N/PE ~ 220-240 V
    Rated voltage.: 230 V
    Frequency.: 50/60 Hz
    Rated current.: 3,1 A
    Rated output.: 720 W
    Operating noise.: 76 dB(A)
    Air speed.: 96 m/s
    Air flow rate.: 84 m³/h
    Drying time.: 12 s
    IP rating.: IP23
    Protection class.: I
    Casing material.: Plastic
    Colour.: signal white, RAL 9003
    Height.: 309 mm
    Width.: 272 mm
    Depth.: 132 mm
    Weigh.: 2.80 kg