Decor skirtings SL 18 teak

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Color: Teak D001
Format: L 2570 x W 16.5 x H 70 mm

Internal Reference: 1254921


Skirtings at a glance

Parador offers a wide range of visually coordinated skirtings for a harmonious look for any decor. Alternatively, the colours stainless steel, white and black or a primed surface for the individual colour scheme allow the possibility for deliberate accentuation.

The Straight lined and simple Parador decor skirting SL 18 blends in to any living room ambiance in a modern and elegant fashion. It impresses among other things by its excellent surface quality and the high quality MDF core. The moulding is also torsion free, fully coated on the edges. Installation is very easy thanks to the end Parador moulding clips.