Crown x side board

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2,587.28 MVR 2587.28 MVR 3,696.12 MVR

3,422.33 MVR

(3,696.12 MVR / pc)
  • Color
  • Height
  • Width
  • Handle
  • Depth

This combination does not exist.

Color: Driftwood
Height: 125 cm
Width: 87 cm
Handle: Frosted aluminium finish
Depth: 38 cm

Internal Reference: 10E4DG02


Crown x driftwood look – this unique style exudes a special flair in your home.

The Crown X living and dining program brings a great atmosphere. The combination of different driftwood replicas with fronts in graphite super matt are an absolute eye-catcher. Ideal for the vintage fans among us.

Crown x side board is perfect storage element. This storage unit will look great in your home. It offers plenty of storage space for books and with the open compartments space for decoration and beautiful plants.  Side board can be elegantly combine with crown x tv units, wall shelves and coffee table.

Dimension (H x W x D): 125 x 38 x 87 cm