Terms & Conditions 

These Pre-Order Terms ("Terms") govern the pre-order process ("Pre-Order") for kitchen sale with EVO. By placing a pre-order for a kitchen, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

1.    Pre-Order Confirmation:

When placing an order with EVO, it is necessary for you to provide precise and up-to-date information, which includes submitting a copy of your national ID card, address, billing address, desired specifications, and any customization requests. By confirming your order, you are agreeing to the proposed design and acknowledging that no modifications to the design, materials, or appliances will be permitted once the order has been confirmed.

2.    Design and Specifications: 

By confirming your pre-order, you agree to the proposed kitchen design and specifications as discussed and agreed upon with our team. Any changes or modifications to the design, materials, or appliances after the pre-order confirmation may be subject to additional costs and cannot be guaranteed.

3.    Pricing and Payment:

Upon placing your order, a 50% deposit of the full product price will be required, with the remaining 50% payment due prior to delivery.  Payment terms, including the required deposit and balance payment, will be communicated to you. Please note that additional charges, such as installation, delivery, or any requested upgrades, may apply and will be specified separatelyKindly note that the price provided is the DAP Male' price and does not encompass local transport charges or other applicable local delivery fees.  

4.    Changes and Modifications: 

Any changes or modifications to your pre-order must be communicated in writing and approved by EVO. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requested changes; however, additional costs, production delays, or limitations may apply. Changes made after the production process has commenced may not be possible.

5.    Cancellations and Refunds:

If you wish to cancel your pre-order before the production process begins, you may be eligible for a refund, subject to any applicable cancellation fees or costs incurred by EVO. Once the production process has started, cancellations and refunds may be limited or subject to additional charges.

6.    Delivery and Installation:

While we strive to initiate product delivery as promptly as possible, it is important to understand that delays may occur. The indicated delivery period serves as an estimate and is subject to potential changes. EVO cannot guarantee the exact shipment of the product by the estimated date. Consequently, if a delay arises and the estimated delivery date cannot be met, EVO holds no liability for any resulting damages. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in these Terms, EVO is not obligated to provide discounts, refunds, or credits due to delivery delays. Rest assured, we will keep you informed of any updates regarding the delivery schedule. The installation of the product will be prioritized based on the order in which kitchen orders are received. Once your worksite is prepared for installation, we will proceed accordingly. Please bear in mind that any necessary site preparation tasks, including masonry, carpentry, electrical work, and plumbing, are your responsibility.

7.    Storage and Delay: 

If you anticipate being unable to accept the delivery of the goods by the agreed-upon date or expect a delay on your part, you must inform EVO in writing. Please state the reason for the delay and, whenever possible, provide an estimated time for accepting the delivery. EVO will store the goods at your risk, and an additional storage charge will apply for the duration of storage.  

8.    Changes to Terms and Conditions:

EVO retains the right to modify any of the terms for any reason, with or without advance notice.

Please carefully review and understand these Pre-Order Terms before placing your pre-order for a kitchen sale. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact our customer service team.