Ideas for the most beautiful home in the world

Without inspiration our life would be much poorer. Nature, our surroundings or the people we meet – everything around us stimulates amazement, discovery, dreams and creativity. Our home is an expression of this and as individual as we are. 

Let yourself be inspired here by contemporary living styles and the latest developments in design, architecture and furnishing.

Design flooring in the kitchen 

Modular One -The environmentally 

friendly design floor 

Chevron - a classic remerges

Dark woods experience 

a trend revival 

Multifunctionality - Flexible living 

Wabi-sabi - the aesthetics of liberation 

Monotonous - No, monochrome!

Country house style 2

Back to nature - Nature at home

Bauhaus - more than 100 years old and more popular than ever

Like a rolling stone - floors in stone texture 

Industrial Style - raw beauty and urban aesthetics 

Nordic style - clear shapes and natural materials 

Ethno - one around the world

Country house style - rural idyll for the home

Baked earth - terracotta is back 

Japandi - Asia vs Scandinavia

So much for grey in grey