Flex Sliding Door Wardrobe 260 cm white

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Color: White
Height: 218 cm
Width: 260 cm
Handle: Silver
Front: Six mirror panel
Depth: 66 cm

Internal Reference: FLEX-FM-260218


Ample storage space

The wardrobe offers ample space to organize and store your clothing, accessories, and other essentials.

Customizable interior

Easily adjust the shelves and compartments to suit your specific storage needs.

Sleek sliding doors

The flexible sliding doors glide smoothly, adding a touch of sophistication to your room.

Durable construction

Made from high-quality materials, this wardrobe set ensures long-lasting durability and reliability.

Flex wardrobe - the queen of order

Are you looking for a large wardrobe with a mirror? The Flex sliding wardrobe with an optimally arranged interior will be a good proposition. This piece of furniture will allow you to enjoy the aesthetic storage area and say goodbye to the chaos of clothes for good. The white body can complemented by three mirror fronts or six mirror fronts . You will see through them from head to toe, and in addition, they will visually enlarge the room, giving it a glow. In the evening, the romantic light is beautifully reflected in them. 

A modern wardrobe with dimensions of 260 × 218 × 66 cm will facilitate keeping order thanks to the multitude of storage systems. Inside you will find: 

3 upper shelves dividing the interior into spacious compartments, 

3 poles for hangers for jackets and shirts.